Eventually, I want to put everything I know about making games here! But right now I'm busy working on Spelunky 2 and UFO 50. Check back later or follow me on Twitter to find out when I update.


1. Indie Game Dev: Indie Archetypes

2. Indie Game Dev: Death Loops

3. Indie Game Dev: Getting Feedback

4. Indie Game Dev: Assessing Risk


1. Pixel Art Tutorial: Basics

2. Pixel Art: Common Mistakes

A. Pixel Art Gallery


In 2016, Boss Fight Books published "the Spelunky book" as a paperback and ebook. Over 222 pages, I detail the history of Spelunky's development, from the initial freeware game to its release on Steam. Along the way, I take the opportunity to talk about various topics like game design, teamwork, and the history of indie games from my perspective.

My hope with the book was to provide curious players and indie developers some insight into my process and the inner workings of Spelunky. No prior knowledge of Spelunky is assumed, so even if you're not a fan of the game you might still find the book interesting and applicable to your own life and projects!