Here you can try out some of the more tolerable games I've crapped out over the years.

All the games featured here are free to play and distribute. If you're interested in distributing a game with a magazine or some other publication, just go for it. But make sure you include all the files as they are offered here.

The games should all run on a Windows-based PC.

I'm O.K.

Type: Platform/Action

Year: 2006

Language: Multimedia Fusion

Version: 1.1

More Screens:

Download: (12.8 Mb)

Jack Thompson made "A Modest Proposal," and this was the answer that my three drunken friends and I had for him: a side-scrolling platform shoot-em-up that lets you mutilate gamers and game developers through 4 outrageous levels designed by Whacko Jacko himself. As soon as the game was released, it was spread faster than cooties at recess, thanks to the profusion of gamers on the Internet. Then we did a bunch of interviews and shit and became D-list Internet celebrities.

And Jack Thompson is still a douchebag.

Some Fan Named Ron: "You guys do realize that what you have created is probably going to go down in Internet history as being the best satirical work concerning video games since they first came about, right?"

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Quibble Race

Type: Gambling/"Horse"-Racing

Year: 2004

Language: Flash MX 2004

Version: 1.5

Play on Newgrounds: link (and vote 5!)

Description: My first flash game! Quibble Race is a 1-3 player game that's kind of like horse-racing, except you're racing little green creatures called Quibbles. The fun in the game comes from all the different ways you can tamper with the race and screw with your opponents. Based on an old game of mine.

Pink_Floyd, Newgrounds: "One of the greatest games I have ever played. Fun, hilarious, addictive, just an overall excellent game. Hello favorites." (10/10)

Diabolika II

Type: Puzzle

Year: 2003

Language: C++/Allegro Game Library

Version: 1.666

Download: (443 kb)

Diabolika 2 is the semi-sequel to an older game that I made. It's a puzzle game where you set up chain reactions to blow up demons.

Gamehippo: "This game is well worth a play for puzzle enthusiasts. In fact, Diabolika is so simple and fun that even people who are not fans of puzzle games are likely to enjoy it." (Rating: 8/10)

Mean Cuisine

Type: Arcade

Year: 2003

Language: C++

Version: 1.0

More Screens:

Download: (2.23 mb)

A little arcade-type game I made to teach myself DirectX programming. In the game you play Poo, a hungry little alien. Eat up all the food and then belch on the humans that are after you!

Home of the Underdogs: " a coffee-break title Mean Cuisine provides plenty of fun - 10-15 minutes at a time. Recommended!" (Top Dog)

Eternal Daughter

Type: Platformer

Year: 2002

Language: Multimedia Fusion

Version: 1.5

More Screens:

Download: (9.18 mb)

Eternal Daughter is an epic platform game that took myself and my friend Jon two years to make and nearly destroyed our immortal souls. It's an homage to some of our favorite games from our preteen years, like Super Metroid and Castlevania: SOTN.

Even though the gameplay is familiar, the world, the characters, and the story are all our own. The game also marks my first teaming up with Swedish music virtuoso, David Saulesco, who produced an original soundtrack for the game. We've been happy together ever since. "Everything about Eternal Daughter is pure Metroidvania, with a dash of Popful Mail for flavor. Everything that made those games fun is here, only with its own unique visual style and an amount of polish that you just don't see very often in an indy game."

Home of the Underdogs: "Simply put, Eternal Daughter exemplifies what action gaming should be all about: intuitive controls, smooth gameplay, innovative and varied challenges, tough enemies, and above all - thoroughly addictive."

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