Dave Mazzuchelli's Storytelling Deck for Comics

(c)2003 Dave Mazzuchelli

As described to me by Jess Fink

"An exploration of the infinite possibilities inherent in telling a simple (or not so simple) story. Choose a well-known story (or make one up). Page one is up to you; but from that point on, each subsequent scene/sequence is dictated by the pick of a card.

Shuffle the cards first. Each card has instructions on how to proceed with the next scene/sequence, which can be one panel or more in length. When that scene/sequence is completed, select another card. The instructions are mostly structural, so they can be applied to any story content (theoretically).

These cards may help you to break out of your usual habits and explore approaches you might not have tried otherwise."

In this version, the cards are shuffled for you. Click "Reveal" to reveal the next card!