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A Word From the Father of the AVGPA

Ah... hello there, good friends! I see you have found my web page of excitement! I am Kato Tanaka, aka Naughty Pixel. You have arrived at the Accidental Video Game Porn Archive, a premiere site for "accidental video game porn", or AVGP. Before you go crazy and look at the hot images I have for you, let me tell you a little story myself.

In 1987, I, Kato Tanaka, worked on the set of adult movie studio in Japan. When the studio went bankrupt, I decided to move to America and start a new life. It was here that I became exposed to the Internet and the exciting world of video game emulation! Soon, I play the game that would change my life: Ring King(tm). The game smell bad like natto bean, but between rounds a young boy would give oral pleasure to a boxer! You see, my work in the Japanese adult movie industry had taken the pleasure of seeing the human body from me - but this scene of the naughty pixels gave me excitement once again!

I found that I enjoyed the exciting scenes the most if they were surprising to me (accidental) or if they had the Nintendo Seal of Quality, and so I avoided games that were actually adult in nature. It wasn't long before I had created my own web page for the images I collected from the games. However, my web page design was putrid like fermented soy milk, and I received few visitors those first years.

It wasn't until 2002 that I met Derek Yu of Blackeye Software in the adult chatroom, and I was able to become the greatest webmaster of accidental video game porn. They re-design my web page for me and gave me more space to display my images to the world. Derek, if you are reading this, I am the most thankful towards you!

And dear visitors, that is my story. I hope you will find these images as exciting as I have over the years. Enjoy.

What Others Are Saying About the AVGPA

"OMFG LMAO!!! this site fOkkin rOx... wha? NOOOOO MOM DONT CUM IN" - Billy McBridle, Student

"You'll burn in hell for this... a cold, dark hell where pigs have hands and everything that smelled good in the real world now smells like armpit." - Krystal Nakagawa, Waitress

"Dude, you guys make MY video game porn site seem like so totally worthless." - Ken Johnson, Astronaut

fap fap - Thomas Birchild, Teacher

Now, Prepare Your Loins for Adventure!

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